6 Underground 2019 Hindi Dubbed

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Name 6 Underground 2019 Hindi Dubbed Movies FD
Quality High Quality/720/1080
Genres Action, Adventure, Comedy
Stars Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo
Language Hindi



Storyline of 6 Underground 2019 Movie 720p Download and Watch Online Movies FD

In 6 Underground 2019 Hindi Dubbed Movies FD, Four years after witnessing the horrors of a brutal regime within the Central Asian nation of Turgistan, an unnamed American billionaire and philanthropist who made his fortunes from inventing neodymium magnets fakes his very own dying to form an nameless vigilante squad to take down criminals and terrorists that governments will no longer touch. Now known as “One”, he recruits five other human beings to desert their pasts and join his cause as “ghosts”: Two, a spy; Three, a hitman; Four, a parkour runner and thief; Five, a doctor; and Six, a driver.

On their first project in Florence, Italy, the team kills the attorney of Turgistan’s four generals before they are chased across the city via the Mafia and the police. Six is killed just as they control to get away. Days later, One recruits Blaine, a former Delta Force sniper laid low with survivor’s guilt over his inability to save his group because of orders in Afghanistan, and renames him “Seven”. One plans a venture to level a coup d’état to topple the government of Turgistan dictator Rovach Alimov and deploy his imprisoned brother Murat as the country’s new leader at some point of the Day of the Dead. It is discovered that Two had reluctantly captured Murat and passed him back to Rovach before becoming a Ghost.

The group assassinates Rovach’s generals in Las Vegas and effectively extracts Murat from Hong Kong, but Four is almost killed till Seven intervenes no matter protests from One. Following an argument between One and Seven approximately One’s willingness to leave human beings behind, the Ghosts break their code of anonymity and reveal each other’s names. In Turgistan, One sets his plan in motion by way of hacking the state-run television station in the course of Rovach’s deal with to offer Murat a voice to the humans.



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