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Name Fallen 2016 Movie 720p Download and Watch Online Movies FD
Quality 720p (672.9 MB)
Genres Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Release Date 8 September 2017 (USA)
Stars Joely Richardson, Addison Timlin, Jeremy Irvine


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Storyline of Fallen 2016 Movie 720p Download and Watch Online Movies FD

In Fallen 2016 Movie 720p Download and Watch Online Movies FD, Lucinda “Luce” Price is despatched to Sword and Cross Academy for afflicted young teens after she is blamed for the loss of life of a boy named Trevor who perishes in a hearth started by using mysterious shadows that Luce sees after kissing him. Luce feels cursed, blaming herself for Trevor’s dying.

Upon arriving at her new school, Luce meets various students, which include Cameron “Cam,” who has taken an hobby in her; Arriane Alter, who takes Luce under her wing; Molly Zane, who harasses Luce; Pennyweather “Penn,” who befriends Luce; and Daniel, a brooding boy to whom Luce is straight away attracted. She additionally meets Miss Sophia, a religious studies teacher. During a session, the school psychiatrist tells Lucinda she will be able to leave if she takes antipsychotics.

During detention, picking up trash, Luce is nearly crushed with the aid of a falling statue of an avenging angel. Later, Cam flirts with Luce earlier than inviting her to a party inside the woods. At the party, Luce is interested in Cam, but can’t shake the feeling of an deep and uncommon connection to Daniel, in spite of his tries to comb her off. Molly suggests up and proceeds to bother and almost kill Luce earlier than Arriane intervenes. As Luce leaves, she sees the “shadows” again.

Daniel explains to a shaken Luce that her being unbaptized would make her next death permanent; Sophia thought this could motive Daniel to pick Heaven. He tells her that Lucifer will indeed come for her, and that he have to take her somewhere safe. They claim their love for every different as they depart to locate secure haven from Lucifer.

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