Infected 2008 Hindi Dubbed

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Name Infected 2008 Hindi Dubbed Movies FD
Quality 720p (599.1 MB)
Genres Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Stars Gil Bellows, Maxim Roy, Bruce Dinsmore
Rating IMDB
Language/Size Hindi + English



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Infected.2008.Unrated.720P.Hdtvrip.X264.Dual.Audio.Hindi.Dd.2.0.English.5.1.mkv 1 (1)
Infected.2008.Unrated.720P.Hdtvrip.X264.Dual.Audio.Hindi.Dd.2.0.English.5.1.mkv 1 (2)
Infected.2008.Unrated.720P.Hdtvrip.X264.Dual.Audio.Hindi.Dd.2.0.English.5.1.mkv 1 (3)

The Storyline of Infected 2008 Hindi Dubbed HD Download Movies FD

In Infected 2008 Hindi Dubbed Movies FD, In Boston, there is an unknown epidemic and the population is consuming the Hydropure water and vegetables from Whitefield Corporation. The City Hall Secretary, Taylor Lambert, contacts a newspaper journalist, Lisa Wallace, expecting to give evidence of a conspiracy that his partner Connie is collecting. However, Glenda is captured and murdered by the guards, and Lambert shoots the Mayor and takes a sample of his blood to give to Lisa. Lambert is hunted and wounded by the police. He meets the journalist, Ben Mosher, who writes for the sensationalist column ‘Mystery Science’ in the same newspaper. Lambert gives Ben a vial with the Major’s blood before he dies and Ben gives the sample to his friend Knutt Jourgensen for analysis.

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