Namma Veettu Pillai 2019 Movie HD Download – Tamil

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Name Namma Veettu Pillai 2019 Movie HD Download – Tamil – Movies FD
Quality 720p
Genres Action, Comedy, Drama
Release Date 27 September 2019 (UK)
Stars Sivakarthikeyan, Bharathiraja, Soori
IMDB Rating
Language/Size Tamil/710.9 MB


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The Storyline of Namma Veettu Pillai 2019 Movie HD Download Movies FD

In Namma Veettu Pillai 2019 Movie HD Download Movies FD, Arumpon is a village children who dotes his sister Thulasi. Arumpon holds a characteristic for his sister in spite of hesitance from his maternal uncles, who push aside Thulasi for unknown reasons. Even his paternal uncles push aside Arumpon’s family and don’t forget Thulasi as a curse on their family. The best folks who take care of Arumpon’s own family are his grandfather Arunmozhivarman and his cousin Paramu. Arumpon likes his cousin Maangani, in spite of her father’s disapproval. Arumpon actively appears for a match for his sister due to the fact his maternal uncle disapproves Thulasi to be married of to their sons. Despite Arumpon finding a potential groom for his sister, his paternal uncle foils it, and Thulasi’s engagement is known as off. Arumpon and Paramu have a running feud with Ayyanar, a ruffian and his uncle, on the grounds that they close Ayyanar’s liquor keep and stopped them from selling agricultural land via a courtroom order. So, Ayyanar makes a decision to marry Thulasi for retribution. Arumpon reluctantly concurs to the wedding on his mother’s and Thulasi’s insistence. It is found out that Thulasi is Arumpon’s adopted sister who changed into the daughter of Dharmar, a close pal of Arumpon’s late father Chandrabose, who adopted Thulasi after Dharma’s death.

During the film’s remaining credits, it’s miles meant that Arumpon, Thulasi, and his mom have reconciled with the relaxation of the extended circle of relatives. Ayyanar has been released on parole to attend Thulasi’s Seemantham and it is found out that he made peace with Arumpon. The movie ends comically with Arumpon breaking the fourth wall mimicking his grandfather.


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