The Maze Runner 2014 Hindi Dubbed

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Name The Maze Runner 2014 Hindi Dubbed Movies FD
Quality High Quality/720/1080
Genres Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Stars Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter
Language Hindi



Storyline of The Maze Runner 2014 Hindi Dubbed HD Download Movies FD

In The Maze Runner 2014 Hindi Dubbed Movies FD, A youngster wakes up inner an underground elevator with no reminiscence of his identity. A group of male youths greet him in a massive grassy area called the “Glade” enclosed with the aid of tall stone walls. The boys (“Gladers”) have fashioned a rudimentary society, with every assuming specialized tasks. Their leader, Alby, says that each boy eventually recalls his name but not his past. The boy learns that a substantial Maze surrounding them is the best way out. During the day, detailed Runners search the Maze for an get away route, returning earlier than nightfall when the entrance closes. No one has ever survived a night within the Maze.

While in a opposition with any other boy named Gally, the boy all of sudden recollects his name: Thomas. The subsequent day, he’s attacked with the aid of Ben, a Runner who has been stung and left delirious by using a Griever – lethal techno-natural creatures that roam the Maze at night. Ben is compelled into the Maze and left to die, as there may be no cure for his condition. Alby and Minho, the lead Runner, later retrace Ben’s steps inside the Maze. Minho reappears at nightfall dragging Alby, who is stung, but they’re unable to reach the final front in time. Thomas runs into the Maze to help, leaving all three trapped. Thomas lures a Griever into a final passageway, causing it to be crushed. The trio manages to survive the night, returning the following morning.

The first-ever girl arrives in the elevator, with a note announcing that she is the final one to enter the Glade. She recognizes Thomas, even though he can not don’t forget her. Thomas, Minho, Frypan, Winston, and Zart enter the Maze, find the Griever corpse, and put off a beeping mechanical device from inside it. Gally claims Thomas has jeopardized the delicate peace among the youths and the Grievers and wants him punished, but Newt, the organization’s second-in-command, as an alternative designates Thomas as a Runner. Minho shows Thomas a hand-constructed model of the Maze based on preceding exploration. The Maze’s numbered sections open and close in a everyday sequence. Thomas realizes that the tool corresponds to a section inside the Maze.

The lady, Teresa, has two syringes packed with an unknown substance. One is used on Alby, and he recovers from the Griever sting. Minho and Thomas undertaking lower back into the Maze with the device and discover a probable exit. A laser then scans the two, and the go out closes. Thomas and Minho start to run away as traps activated by lasers almost kill them. That night, the Maze front does not close at the same time as others open, letting Grievers pour in. A massacre ensues because the Gladers struggle to fight lower back or hide. Alby, Zart, Clint, and several others are killed.

Gally all at once seems with a gun. Having been stung by way of a Griever, he insists they must stay within the Maze and goals at Thomas, but is pierced through the chest through Minho’s spear, however now not earlier than Chuck is fatally shot. Masked armed guys then rush in and take the relaxation of the institution to a helicopter. It flies over a sizeable wasteland wasteland and processes a ruined city. The scene ends with the supposedly-dead scientists assembly in a room. Paige notes that the test is successful; the survivors are now coming into Phase Two.





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