The Possession of Hannah Grace 2018 Hindi Dubbed

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Name The Possession of Hannah Grace 2018 Hindi Dubbed Movies FD
Quality High Quality/720/1080
Genres Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Stars Shay Mitchell, Grey Damon, Kirby Johnson
Language Hindi



The Storyline of The Possession of Hannah Grace 2018 Hindi Dubbed HD Download Movies FD

In The Possession of Hannah Grace 2018 Hindi Dubbed Movies FD, During an exorcism ritual, the possessed Hannah Grace kills the pastor. Her father Grainger then suffocates her to demise using a pillow. Three months later, Megan Reed, an ex-cop with the Boston Police Department struggles with psychological problems and addiction to capsules after her patrol accomplice turned into shot dead via a crook whom she did not subdue.

During Megan’s first shift, a person (later diagnosed as Grainger) aggressively attempts to convince her to allow him into the constructing, but she denies and informs the two safety guards Ernie Gainor and Dave. However, shortly after, Megan allows EMT Randy to transport the corpse of a brutally murdered younger woman (later identified as the one of Hannah Grace) into the building and the person secretly enters the constructing. Randy tells Megan a man stabbed Hannah to demise and changed into then caught in the act seeking to burn her body in an alleyway.

Megan soon encounters Grainger who had invaded the building trying to drag Hannah’s corpse through the building. Alongside with the 2 safety guards Ernie and Dave, Megan manages to subdue Grainger. The latter screams Hannah’s corpse ought to be burnt due to the fact she is not simply dead, but they do no longer pay attention to him and feature him arrested by way of the police.

Megan’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Kurtz, is still employed as Boston Police Department officer and responds to the scene. He consents to help Megan discover the corpse after she tells him approximately her failed tries to photograph and fingerprint it. Soon after, Andrew tells Megan Hannah Grace’s name. Megan sooner or later researches at the internet simplest to discover that Hannah had died during an exorcism three months earlier. She also notices that Hannah’s vibrant blue eye colour does not fit the only listed on her driver’s license.

Suddenly, Andrew calls Megan to warn her that Grainger has escaped police custody after killing the 2 officers transporting him. Moment later, Grainger forces Megan to take him to Hannah’s body at gunpoint. Grainger explains Megan that he is Hannah’s father. He tells her that severa exorcism failed due to the fact the demon owning her changed into too powerful. So powerful, that it is even capable of own Hannah’s body after her death by way of killing human beings to heal itself, then resting. Grainger wonders why Hannah killed Dave and Lisa, however did now not kill Megan. Megan consents to help Grainger cremate Hannah, but she reanimates and pushes Grainger into the fire.






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