The Souvenir 2019 Movie HD Download

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Name The Souvenir 2019 Movie HD Download Movies FD
Quality High Quality/720/1080
Genres Drama, Mystery, Romance
Release Date 2019
Stars Neil Young, Tosin Cole, Jack McMullen



Storyline of The Souvenir 2019 Movie HD Download Movies FD

In The Souvenir 2019 Movie HD Download Movies FD Julie, a young woman attending film school, wants to make a movie about a boy, his mother, and their life in the town of Sunderland. She lives in a flat with another student and his girlfriend. She meets Anthony, a well-to-do-man who works at the Foreign Office, who moves in with her after her roommate moves out. He leaves a postcard with a picture of the girl in “The Souvenir”. He later takes her to the gallery where the painting is hung. Julie says the girl looks sad, while Anthony says she looks determined. One evening, she returns, and finds her apartment has been broken into, and her valuable jewelry is missing. Anthony later admits to doing it, but didn’t want to tell her to keep her from feeling bad. She returns home one evening, and finds a strange man in her apartment. She throws him out, and Anthony moves out too. They meet again, and Anthony is clean. Julie invites him back in with her, but he soon starts using again. Anthony goes missing, but is later found, having overdosed in a public toilet, dead.



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